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Noble Otter Monarch

The soap does not, as far as I know, smell like Bourbon royalty (at least while they were extant - it probably smells better and less overpowering, by all accounts). It is certainly preferable, olfactory-wise, to any deceased kings of France, Spain or Luxembourg. A delightful divertissement, with notes of lavender, neroli and vanilla primarily, to me, although it also touts coffee, bourbon and sandalwood, for example (maybe to more sophisticated noses). A very pleasant green, Spring fragrance though, and surprisingly mild. The AS complements, and lasts through the morning - drydown is slightly more woody, so perhaps yes, some sandalwood. Performance, as with all my NO experience, was excellent - easy to lather and very cushiony. Definitely recommended as a Spring and Summer starter, and it's hard to imagine anyone would be put off by this soap, so fairly non-polarizing I estimate. It is a masculine fragrance, although certainly toward the floral end of the spectrum, as opposed to Caveman Sweat (which, with the current trend, could be an emerging Artisan). I like it. And so, I expect, will all those in the zone of your royal radiance after you use it. :thumbup:



Even more clueless than you
NO Monarch has what i describe as light tones. It is pleasant and not overpowering. It is one my wife likes and makes favourable comments. I tend towards a heavier fragrance. There are so many different artisan soaps I am not sure there is a trend towards heavier tones. Maybe with certain makers. There are many light fragrances out there.

We live in a time of abundance when it comes to artisan soap. There is a bit of something for everyone. We are spoilt for choice, or so my bank balance tells me. 😳

I love Noble Otter soap but currently only have Barrbarr in my rotation. I will stock up on more when the local supplier restocks.
Thanks for your post.
Happy Shaves.
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