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Noble Otter Art Appreciation

NO really has the best art in shaving. The otter is cute, his garb always shows you what the scent is about, the color scheme always go along well with the scent theme, and they never look too busy or tacky. Going the opposite way, I also really like Mikes labels. You have the duck (or loon?) and what the scent is. Clean and classy!
My favorite labels are by far Barrister's Reserve. Clean, sharp and simple. In fact if anybody has any empty reserve soap containers I'm trying to collect them all
And just when you thought that Arko was the most polarizing subject in wet shaving history...

PS. I’m not a fan of the vast majority of “artsy” packaging; but I do like what the guys at B&M do.


The Lather Maestro
Some of these remind me of all the great cover art on old vinyl records. Yeah, I grew up on those, not CDs. Cassette tapes were a new-fangled invention to me. Record jackets were awesome.

When I was a kid I was fascinated by that album cover.
Album art is a vast and wonderful topic.

I like the Noble Otter art and intend to try some at some point.
I will say that my favorite is PAA, their whole art and marketing esthetic just hits me in the right spot.
But there really is a lot of top rate artistry in the wet shaving realm in general, just makes it all so much better.
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