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Noble otter 2 kings

Well I went through my shave soaps …and put a few to the side that I thought really was on the low end for me so I’ll use as shower soaps or something …I can buy another mmm 4 to make up for it …so I went onto one of my regular sites and found some different noble otters…clicked buy for express postage (it was fairly cheap express) and called it a day (I was tempted to buy the other 3 as different otter scents but I want to see what this soap and scent is like first (apparently they are fairly good) so anytime from tmo to mid next week it should be here..let’s see how fast the otters be
In case you missed it in another thread, Maggards exclusively has The Night Before if you decide you like NO. I am not sure how you would get it, but supposedly it will be available direct at some point.
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