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No Stranger to the Brush ...what happened?

So I have always for the most part owned English shaving brushes (Truefitt and Hill, Simpson, Vulfix, and other various art and craft brushes), and am certainly not an expert on brushes by any means; however, I recently switched to Proraso Green, and thought why not try Omega. I purchased the Omega 599 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush made in Italy and could not be more delighted. Its little, but packs a wonderful froth, and holds the perfect amount of water for a great lather. I guess it was narrow minded to think the British held the keys to the best shaving gear all those years!



Lunatic Fringe
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That's got such a tiny handle, I use mine for travel (2nd from right, it was re-knotted with a badger bulb). No taller than my diminutive Wee Scot! @Jefferb1


Ron R

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Big name brands have proven they make excellent brushes and a lot of know how over the decades + they just make mostly great brushes. A lot of badger hair is sourced from China where it harvested and eaten for protein much like boar bristle brushes from my limited research. So I just buy Yaqi badger brushes and they seem to work OK for my shaving needs with reasonable quality.
I'm a Simpson fanboy through and through but used Omega boars for a long time and loved them to death. Omega is a fantastic brush company and wouldn't be surpirsed if their badger knots blow my mind. They are a fantastic brush company that should never be overlooked.
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