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No point shaving with another razor...

Have you ever come to the conclusion that there's no point shaving with another razor other than the one you've found that consistently meets or exceeds your expectations?

Or to put it a different way, have you found a razor that has ended your search for a better one?
No, because razors are like fishing rods to me: different types work better in different situations.
I thought I had "my" razor, and was then completely floored by another I had written off as too mild on a day where I wanted a little smoother shave at the expense of closeness and time (which were not factors ultimately!).

This has led me into buying one more vintage Gillette and a modern iKon. I thought the soaps and brushes were gonna be the real wallet killers. Oh well, can't take it with ya!
There's some value in getting to know just one razor intimately, like getting to know, the likes and dislikes of a friend. What prep' it likes. What soaps, creams and blades it likes, when to shim a particular make of blade or dulling blade, knowing the average number of shaves per make of blade. What angle(s) it likes, steep or shallow, number of passes etc... How to comfortably handle the number of passes for (say) a three pass shave ie ATG/XTG/WTG or WTG/XTG/ATG or other combinations? And when to add a shim for the final pass for that extra closeness for the optimum smooth and close shave.

The person who has friends must be friendly. So....make friends with your razor and it will make friends with you !
I have a few. But the only razor I'll ever need is my Merkur 34C. Whether I shave daily or once every 3 days, the razor is excellent. But it's very difficult to stop at just one.

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I still love my 34C. But I understand the ones they make now have a zinc alloy threaded post as well as cap. If you have one of those, consider getting a NOS cap that still has the brass post.
Since I got the GC 0.84-P solid bar I’ve sold all the rest of my razors.Muhle,Fatip,Timeless,Tatara,Karve ...All gone!

But what really killed the urge for another razor,once and for all ,was the GC 0.84-P open comb .This razor just feels like it has been specifically designed and made for my stubble and skin .
Perfect in every aspect !

Both my GCs are hand polished to a mirror finish .
I can't agree more. The GC OC .84 is just so damn smooth and efficient. YMMV but for me this shaves better than a couple of much more expensive and much talked about brands.
I chose the NDC Superspeed as my go-to razor and got rid of the rest. That is, except for my Gillette Heritage razor, which I keep for travel. I saw no point in owning multiple razors when I shave with the same one most of the time.
I have Four + razors it seems that I really enjoy and they very in aggression and efficiency and blade selection is very important on a few.
Gem Featherweight 1950-52(1st generation) Lower mid range razor, easy to manipulate and gives good results with a Gem SS PTFE blade.
Schick injector E type with a Schick blade or Personna SS PTFE blade. Mid range razor, Very easy razor to manipulate with usually stellar results.(light touch still needed)
Razorock game changer .84 with a Kai SS blade, mid range razor with the Kai SS extra wide blade(.009") for more blade feel and lately I have had some great shaves with this combination. 2 pass with a few pickups excellent shaves.
Oneblade Core with a Gem SS PTFE blade modified, mild razor but with a little pressure it performs on chin and neck irritation free 95% of the time with a 3 pass shave seems I get nice results and easy to manipulate or handle.

To find these nice razors I ended up with over 45 razors and do not regret it at all. I find it hard to find a grail razor because as you use different razors they all become easier to handle and easier to find their strengths and my techniques have to change a little when you understand the razor characteristics and blade feel.
Could you please comment on the GEM SS PTFE modified? I'd like something other than Feather for my Oneblade. Thanks
Could you please comment on the GEM SS PTFE modified? I'd like something other than Feather for my Oneblade. Thanks
Sure @FredGeorge, I have spoken my peace about the FHS-10 blade. It is a good smooth blade but it has no longevity and I have been using modified Gem blades in my Valet auto strop razors and so modifying a Gem is a little different challenge for a Oneblade. If you follow my procedure you will get reasonable results and some of the other fellows have excellent ways to modify a Gem blade also. Pick the way way you like, if you have some spent Gem blades you can perfect your way a little better with confidence. When I modify a blade I like to do at least 4-6 blades.
Have some great shaves! Stay and think safe in these times!
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My first DE razor -- a Merkur open-comb -- was so much better than the electric razors I'd been using for years that I haven't touched them since.

A mild, open-comb razor is very versatile. Face, head, body, short stubble or longer hair: it can do it all with no drama. It might be the only DE razor I ever buy.
Not really, I don't feel that way. I have a some really nice razors, and some that are not so nice. But I like using them all, just because they give me a different experience.

For me, shaving only with my best razor is like picking from my closet my best pair of shoes and deciding not to use any other pair.

Does this make any sense?

Yes it absolutely makes sense to me..
I Have had the same sentiment since I've
Returned to traditional shaving 6 years ago..
If I ate Steak & Lobster every day it would
Cease to be special.
I would say allmost....
Broman does it for me for months now.
it is not a effective as my qshave but...
It is a comfy quick dfs.
It eats lots of Different blades prefers the more effective ones
but I can do a decent job with a less effective blade.
It is not blade hungry a half de blade a week is enough for a daily shave. Some blades (Kai) can go on for weeks.
It does not clogg
Blade change is easy

i have my reservations on longevity due to the plastic cap and spring inside. and the head is big under the nose and can not 100% reach 2mm in the middle under my nose.
And yes it is not a completely mindless shave you can cut yourself up.
Will I dump my other razors, nope a week de once in a while is good to keep my technique on edge.
might get a spare broman before the uk does its brexit without a deal (and therefore import taxes).
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Since I started shaving in the mid-1960s I have had an injector in which I used Schick and Personna, a Wilkinson Sword that required their cartridge, a cheap Gillette butterfly, a Merkur long handle, and my current Edwin Jagger DE89. Each step other than the Gillette was an upgrade. I like my EJ a lot but ponder whether a Feather would be enough better to justify its price. Others are welcome to urge me in either direction!
My Gillette Pre-War (1938-45) Fat Handle Tech (with triangular lather slots) is the ONLY razor I will EVER want or need.
... so much so that I now have THREE of them!

I own a lot of nice vintage razors that I won’t be getting rid of. I enjoy them, like a vintage car.

Of my modern razors, none have really offered a significant improvement... except the FOCS.

I know we seem to have beat the topic of the Fatip OC Slant to death, but it honestly is in a league by itself.

I won’t be selling my nice vintage stuff, but I imagine the modern razors will go to new owners as I have 2 🦊 now. Here’s hoping they release a nickel plated version!
If I ate Steak & Lobster every day it would
Cease to be special.
From another point of view ,
if I had ,say, five pairs of pliers of different brand in my toolbox,most probably the most “special” would have been my favorite and would got the most of use.

Just a different point of view.
Not trying to be a [email protected]$$...
Once I got my 34C I said this is the one,

Then I bought GC.68 and I said the same,

Then I bought 15C, this is the way I enter in to the OC world and I said the same "this is the one"

I continue with a Fatip Grande OC and I repeat the same,"this is the one"

Then, I got my 37C and new era started, Slant is the new King...

I am expecting to receive my German Slant next week.

But 37C is my favourite up to now... (I confess I bought a back up 37C ;))

Nowadays, I am looking to the FOCS but not decided yet. I am thinking if there is any blade misalignment issues ??:confused1
Have you ever come to the conclusion that there's no point shaving with another razor other than the one you've found that consistently meets or exceeds your expectations?

Or to put it a different way, have you found a razor that has ended your search for a better one?
For about 5 minutes.... :biggrin1:
My Mühle R89 has been my daily shaver for the last 5 years or so. But that did not stop me from buying a Fatip Piccolo today :)

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