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No Moss Scuttle- No problem!

How many of us have felt "left out" because we don't have the newest, latest, most improved, bigger,better thing? ( I know, to ask this question on this site is somewhat hypocritical- especially since I know resistance is futile! :wink: )

Sometimes ( if we allow it) our subconscious mind will provide the answer if and only if we are paying attention.

I have felt like I was really missing something by not shaving with 'warm' lather- mind you, I was still getting BBS shaves, but you know..... no hot lather meant I still had a goal to shoot( shave) for.

Anyway, tonight while shaving, it hit me. All this time I have been stacking my water mug and my lather mug after usage; but tonight was different. I thought to myself " Why not put the lather mug on top of the hot water mug and see if it keeps the lather warm". ( I know- many reading this will say well, duh!- however, we know the B & B way is to buy our way out of not having something. :biggrin: )

So after lathering up initially, I implemented said plan- and the results were tremendous! Remember, the water in my mug has been microwaved to boiling( or thereabouts[7 minutes @ high]). Rather than letting all that moist heat go to waste, Placing the lather mug on top kept my lather nice and warm throughout 3 passes on my face and 2 passes on my head.

Now that I have discovered(stumbled upon) this "double mug"( like double boiler) method, there is no reason to buy a Moss Scuttle- however, that does free up some cash for something else! :drool:

See what's really funny about this situation, is that those 2 mugs have been sitting stacked in my bathroom for over 6 months!- and yet at no time until tonight, did the idea come to mind.( See what I mean about paying attention?). Thankfully, this solves a dilemma for me- which Moss Scuttle to buy, but creates a new one: what to buy next!

Ah well, on to the next SCAD, RAD, BAD, or SAD.:thumbup:

Chefchris uses a self-watering african violet pot as a shaving vessel. He boils water in the tea kettle, then pours the water in the bottom of the pot. You can get a pot cheap at Wal-Mart or other such places. And they come in many different styles.
While shaving this morning, I tried floating my bowl (a wide/shallow coffee mug) in the sink which was filled with hot water. It worked great and my lather was kept nice and warm, I just had to be careful not to scuttle the bowl every time I rinsed the razor! :laugh:

Nice picture- and the fact that its 'homemade' makes it even better!

What really gets my goat is that both mugs stack so perfectly together, you would think I would have seen the use months ago. Alas, I may have started on the sometimers, oldtimers, alzheimer's road. :frown:

I do the same as Iwan - except I try to keep the water level at about two inches, and I use a pretty heavy bowl, so there are no "scuttleing" issues. It helps that my hot tap water is very close to boiling.
I too have floated my shave bowl in the sink. I'm lucky in the respect that my bathroom has 2 sinks in it so I can shave in one and float the bowl in the other. It works very well for me and no scuttling issues.:biggrin:
Lately I have been using a clear Pyrex medium mixing bowl. This happens to fit perfectly on top of the Hot Pot. Presto - toasty, warm lather for the entire shave.
Been doing that for a while. Just seemed obvious to put my stainless steel cat food lather bowl into a large cappucino cup of boiling water. Fits perfectly and the steel bowl conducts the heat a treat.

Stands at the side of the washbasin so no chance of it going under in the water!

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