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No guard DE?

The razor is also for sale on Ebay. They have a photo with a blade loaded in it. WOW

No way. Too much blade exposed. I would think the blade would be floppy, and brutal.
If the blade snuggled up to the head more, I could live with that.
This idea has inspired me to make a crude bakelite replica

I really don't see why this shouldn't work as well or better than a half-blade shavette and intend to try it.

I'm also keen to hear how the real deal model in the OP performs. Presumably it will have some weight behind it and good geometry.

Until Dr. Awkward gives us the good news this will have to do...

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+1 on the whole "not made in China" by the blades thing.

Subscribing for Docs review or obituary:lol:
The review will have to wait until the Chinese - not Chinese razor arrives.
I'll start working on my obituary today!

In the meantime, maybe MJ's contraption will provide us with a preview.
Every once in awhile some thread comes along that I will actually follow closely. I'm in on this one. Good luck on these shaves boys, and if things go well, I may trim down the Yuma head and try it myself.
I may trim down the Yuma head and try it myself.
More genius! You've made me realise that once you've got the guardless baseplate, you can use any cap and handle combo you like.

For instance,Yuma:


There's endless possibilites to play around with now for weight, blade extension (beyond the cap) and blade curvature.

It's getting really interesting now...
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Wow...... this thread made me very nervous big time. I sincerely hope that you gentlemen don't cut yourself too badly. Just be careful.
I would be afraid of blade chatter. Also with no safety you have to really watch your angle!
I'm banking on no blade flex since the part of the guard that sandwiches the blade to the cap is still intact - ha ha I'll let you know tomorrow morning :)
Never used a DE razor without guard. But I remember my grandfather was annoyed by the guards, so he removed them from his razors. He shaved like that, all his life.
Worth at least rigging up the razor anyway. I use my Yuma with an old type base plate anyway as the base is uselessly mild and crooked on the original. Once X.Mas is through, this will be project number one!
I went to look. The company also offers more conventional razors, which might be better for those of fainter heart (and stronger sanity) than the one shown. Prices look reasonable, as well. But, I dunno that unguarded edge makes me think of a word I learned when I was training to be an EMT - "avulsion".
I absolutely love the idea of a guardless "safety" and dont know why I haven't heard of it and didn't think of it before! Really it's a shavette with the manouverability of a safety.

I kept the baseplate from a bakelite which I thought was broken actually it's ideal to experiment with for this View attachment 531858
Leaving the guard off one side makes a lot more sense as a design than leaving it off both sides.

If a guardless DE were a viable instrument, we'd have seen more of them by now.

If I had one, I'd shave with it, ONCE. Just for the novelty factor. I can't see making it a regular part of my rotation.
I see a pass around in the future ...
Good call!

It's really interesting to hear that people in the past took the guard off of their safeties - I'd certainly never heard of this before, and now wonder if the asymmetrical baseplate on my bakelite had been broken deliberately.

Removing the guard should result in a DE shavette with some blade curvature and the cap as a guide.
In theory this sounds excellent...
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