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No guard DE?

Yeoww!! That looks dangerous and slippery with the shiny finish. Plus, the seller doesn't know how to spell. That always makes me nervous as a buyer.
No, I'm not joking. I would be seriously tempted by that one if it would be available in Europe. They are only shipping to US. And even if they would ship to Europe, the taxes and extra shipping fees would make it a bit too expensive.
I can't even imagine the flex on that blade, scary stuff. If not Made in China, then where? You can find a photograph of the blade exposure on the major auction website. More novelty than anything else.
To me this looks far more safe than my shavette. You have something to ride on (the cap). Also you hold it in the same way as any DE. A straight (shavette) is difficult to hold in the hand comparing to this one.
I could shave with it; shallow angle, cap on the face, very careful.

Not a great idea, but not a blood bath, either, in my opinion.