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No discernable affinity between Tabac EDC and EDT

Big fan of the Tabac EDC. Ordered the EDT out of curiosity, having heard it was a little different. I'm straining to find any similarity between the two, though. For the record, and for those who keep a record of such things, I vastly prefer the EDC. Is this everyone else's experience?
And by the way, which does the aftershave smell like?
You are correct. The edt and the edc do not smell alike. I believe that the aftershave smells like the edc. But it has been a long time since I have used them so verification from others would be good.
I have the EdT in the black bottle and it's clearly not what is described by reviews of the EdC. These are different scents, apparently with the EdT in the black bottle having a strong fougere accord that is absent in the EdC (though I haven't worn it in a couple years).
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The EdT is horrible in my opinion -- it smells like fruitloops cereal. By the black bottle one do you mean Tabac Man EDT? That one reminds me a lot of Iron by Coty (from the late 80's).
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