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No. 00 Frictionite

I have been looking into these hones.

Does anyone know why some labels have “ * * ” around No. 00 Frictionite and some don’t. Some stars are solid black, some are outlines. Labels are engraved, or ink stamped. There are a few different styles of labels. Any information on the different labels would be very informative and helpful.

I now about the history and the story about the maker and the company. I have not found anything on the timeline of the labels, if it exists.
The hones with the name impressed into the side are the older ones IIRC. they were made in Olean, NY. Later the company was purchased and moved to Moravia, IA. Those hones were ink stamped. Not sure about the stars, but my Olean-made example with the impressed wording has the stars.
These go for mad money now. I had a couple. I used them on my axes. Go figure.

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Thanks for the information. Does anyone know of any sites or threads with more information.


The Fur Burglar!
I’ve had several from both locations and to me they all performed exactly the same. The one that I kept is from the second location, and has the **stamps. Crazing and warping are fairly common with these, so look them over throughly before buying.
David have you compared edges from your Norton and your Frictionite 00? I don't think I've ever seen a direct comparison. My own Frictionite 00 produces a perfectly good shaving edge. Quite good really after lapping and smoothing it. I've taken to prepping barber hones with a good flattening, then smoothing to high grit, followed by buffing with a polisher. This has done wonders for the edge comfort from the ones that are still in good shape.


The Fur Burglar!
I haven't done a direct comparison but I can tell you that I prefer the 00 to the Norton for razors. The 00 is not as fast but leaves a better shaving edge from my experience.
After further research I found out that the older Frictionite 00’s were a bit larger, thicker in size. The newer ones were made smaller. I have not been able to find any information on the stars yet.
The older 00s from Olean that Iv'e owned were thinner than most of those from Moravia. They made more 'versions' in Moravia. In Olean, they used impressed stamps with stars, and without. In Olean, they also used ink stamps with stars, and I want to say I had one without stars but they might have just worn off. I also seem to remember one from Moravia that was ink stamped without stars, but the rest, including the 'Little 00' were ink stamped, with stars.
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