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Nivea sensitive skin post shave balm active comfort system

Hi guys, just got my Nivea today, and the smell is fantastic! I can't wait to use tomorrow! Anyone else ever try this bad boy? I ordered it off amazon.
Awesome stuff and a great bang for the buck. It gets a lot of great/positive comments on the forums.
Super stuff!!! It's the balm I reach out for when the shave goes "wrong" and my skin needs TLC. But I find I use it most days regardless!!
It was magical :) very moisturizing, and the scent was AWESOME!!!

Really made my skin glow, and helped the irritation!
Try putting a dab in your hand then adding some aftershave to it, blend it together and apply.. WOWZERS...
Its funny, this product was hit or miss for me. Did weird things to my face. Just goes to show YMMV. There is no denying the good price and great reviews. Scent it decent too
it's cheap, readily available at most any local drug store...and it works as well as balms costing 3 or 4 times as much. I use it every weekday, and the scent is so mild it doesn't mask my alcohol based aftershaves.
​I love it it really works for me, and it smells great. The price is good as well check out your local drug store next time they might have it.
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