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Nivea Men Sensitive Cooling PSB

When lathering up some new soap last night, I discovered where the "cooling" comes into play with Nivea Men Sensitive Cooling PSB. The soap dried my skin enough to push my overly close shave into razor burn territory. Putting Dove Hydrate+ PSB did nothing to alleviate the burning. Nivea then "Cooled" the burning quite well.

I had been disappointed in the Nivea up to that point, expecting a menthol cooling effect, but getting nothing, other than an OK moisturizing (preferred the Dove). I now know when the "Cooling" comes into effect.
Maybe you'd benefit more from something with witch hazel -- appears that neither of the mentioned balms contain it.

Also, I believe Nivea Sensitive Cooling doesn't contain menthol, but it uses a different cooling agent, which possibly explains why you don't get quite the cooling effect that you seek.
I use witch hazel before PSB. Since I hadn't shaved, just lathered,(The overly close shave was hours before) I hadn't used it.

The Nivea did a great job, I had never had "razor" (chemical?) burn before, so it never alleviated the burn before.
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