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    I dont know if anyone else has noticed or not but Nivea has a new line of products out called, "Deep". They claim it contains activated charcoal and has a vanilla bourbon scent.
    They claim that the charcoal removes excess dirt and oil from your beard. They have a line of face wash, shave gel and aftershave.
    Ive used the shave gel and aftershave and their nice. The aftershave is kind of weird in that they say its a lotion but its really a splash. Its not a balm like the Sensitive line is.
    I like it. Its got a nice, masculine scent and the black packaging has a carbon fiber look to it which is kind of cool.
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    I like it too. I have the aftershave lotion and the anti-perspirant. The carbon fibre look is very cool.
  2. AS "lotions" aren't balms in some lines like proraso, la toja, and acqua di parma
  3. I noticed this product but never tried it. I have been using the sensitive version and am going for something with more pleasant & stronger scent. Might try sometime after I finish current nivea.
  4. I tried the aftershave and I like it. A good scent and worked well on my skin. Definitely a good value at a little over 5 bucks.
  5. Interesting!! May give this line a try as I really like their sun screen products.
  6. Yeah, well, its a clear liquid. When I think lotion, I think of something that is more like a cream. Maybe its just one of those lost in translation things. LOL
    Another cool thing I noticed about the AS lotion is that its made in Germany. Ive noticed that a lot of Nivea's products are made all over the world now, its nice that they still make something in Germany.
  7. You might like Deep then. I agree with you on the Senstitive. Its a good AS but its kind of boring. Deep fixes that issue, IMO.
  8. This is definitely a splash and not a balm. Only a slight alcohol feel nothing over powering and leaves skin feeling good which was a surprise since it has minimal ingredients. It must be the Castor oil. Also the scent is a masculine modern one. The scent is different then the standard aftershaves u can find in your local store. As someone that isnt a fan of AV, skin bracers, brut etc this was a nice change. Will be nice to be able to pick up an aftershave that I like the scent of locally now.
  9. Then definitely I will try it.
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    Tabac is the same way. Clear liquid. Maybe it's a difference in terminology.

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    Lotions are less thick than balms, which are less thick than creams etc. etc.
  12. Maybe its a German thing...

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