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Ninfeng Shaver NF-508 First Use & Thoughts (Head Shave)

hey people so I finally got around to using the the ninfeng SE razor which takes two whole DE razor blades

the head angle of the razor is somewhat similar to the vintage GEM SE razors,
I've never actually used any of those so can't compare this to them

I suppose the angle of the head reminds me a little of one of my other razors which is the razorock hawk v2 which takes AC blades

anyways as there's not much about these razors online I wasn't sure what to expect exactly

so when I was going to take the first few strokes I told myself I'll go a little slow as with any new razor but also due to the angle of the head of the razor

so loaded it with two fresh feather de blades and away I went and tbh after the first few strokes I was sold lool 😂

seriously I absolutely loved it,
I'd say it's about medium aggression but this razor is very very efficient,
obviously having it loaded with two feather will help any razor lool 😂

very smooth and excellent WTG, XTG & ATG and just want to add I normally take my my time saving but today I was in a rush and even then this was very easy to and got it done in quick time too

zero blade chatter and made light work of my thick and coarse hair

these razors don't cost much but even if I paid more I would've been really happy with it

of course the quality isn't all that as it's got a cheapy feel but the shave is amazing, obviously like anything YMMV

Here's some pics I thought I'd take as you don't see a lot about these razors in particular

Few angles of the razor



Below pic loaded with the first (bottom) feather de blade


Second feather blade loaded (top)


pic below with both blades loaded


Thing I love about this SE razor is that because it takes two whole DE blades once your with one side you can just flip the blades over and use the opposite side

If anyone of you like SE razors I'd recommend this especially at the price
Ningfeng Shaver NF508 where do you find these?
Stumbled across it on his forum before, a thread by someone trying to identify the razor and only seen one YouTuber use t, the vid was bad quality but can remember his YouTube channel
Ningfeng Shaver NF508 where do you find these?

This is where I ordered it from, you can pay by PayPal and only took about 11 days for delivery to the UK

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