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Nicotine and ribbon cut


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This has probably been asked before, and if it has please point me to the thread. Since I'm still having some problems keeping flake lit well, what are some ribbon cut brands that are high in nicotine or are there any ribbon cut brands that have about the same nicotine content as flake?

Commander Quan

Commander Yellow Pantyhose
5 Brothers for sure. Virginias in general tend to have a higher nicotine level. Some say HOTW, but I don't usually have any effect from it. C&D Interlude is a loose flake that can easily be rubbed out, and a big bowl of it is always good for some lightheadedness.


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Dunhill Nightcap. One review I read made me laugh, "it's called Nightcap because it has enough nicotine in it to tide you over the whole night!" I agree, it's a rush for sure.


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G&H Dark Birdseye, C&D Old Joe Krantz, Petersons Irish oak, and G&H dark mixture are all pretty well up there with the G&H selections being the strongest.
Just rub out your flakes and let them dry more. I have smoked flakes every way you can and I personally prefer them rubbed out.

commander quan is dead on with the 5 bro's recommendation. You can mix in a pinch with anything to get that vitamin N you want.


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Thanks guys...I guess I'll try them in the order received. Now if I can find a supplier that carries both Irish Oak and Frog Morton (been wanting to try that one from the reviews) I'll order a tin of each.

Just rub out your flakes and let them dry more. I have smoked flakes every way you can and I personally prefer them rubbed out.
That's what I've had the best luck with. I've put some 1792 rubbed out and a whole flake to dry for anywhere from 2 to 24 hours. I've heard to pack the rubbed out loosely but it seems that I need to pack it pretty firm to keep it lit for awhile, but still have to do frequent re-lights, compared to the steady burning ribbon cut. As of yet I haven't had much luck with the fold and stuff method...have to re-light about every 30-45 seconds or so. But I'm getting better. :thumbup1:
No matter what tobacco you are packing it needs to be packed loosely. The only downfall to too loose is a fast burning pipe. You will figure out HOW loose over time but NEVER firm. The best advice I ever got and you all will probably get tired of me giving it

Dry it more
pack it lighter
tamp less
smoke slower

If that doesn't work go back to the top and try again.

I don't see how you guys smoke 1792. I have tried and tried but just can't get the taste for it. I have bought it numerous times wanting to like it but every time I end up sending it off to someone. Folks really like it though.


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On the nicotine question, here's a vote for HotW. Only pipe tobacco I've tried so far that had enough to affect me while smoking it. I'm no where near a stranger to the Vitamin N, cig smoker for 30 years, still enjoy some snus sometimes, ecigs, and pipes now while I try to ditch the cigs.
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