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Nicks boot leather question

I am considering a purchase of a casual boot from Nicks in either rough out or waxed leather. There isn't that much information on their waxed leather nor are there many decent pictures on the website.

Any helpful thoughts?
So, I heard back from Nick's Customer service:

"I think the answer for you will come as you consider the weight of leather you want for your new boots. As you learned in the blog, roughout leather is more cut and scratch resistant. We only offer roughout on our work weight leathers. The appearance will be a little bit fuzzy at first but will smooth down as you condition them over time. The waxed flesh is the same idea but it is finished and waxed at the tannery The Leather that has 3 Names — Horween Leather Co. - and it is done in a lighter weight leather. The waxed finish provides natural water-resistance and scratch-resistance."


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i have rough outs from them and trhen treeated with obernauf. Thatr way i get the "Scrath Resistance" and waterproofing.
So, I ordered the Falcon casual boot from Nicks. It is a 6 inch boot in brown waxed leather. I will be getting a fit sheet in the mail and will then get a try on boot to confirm the fit. They said 16-20 weeks lead time.
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