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Nice Surprise

Mom, knew I needed a little cheering up (I'm looking at potential cardiac bypass-prayers appreciated) so she sent me a pen she picked up at an estate sale for $5.00. Based on the size, 5 1/8", I think it is a type II Pelikan 120. Never even had the nib, M, inserted. Hope it writes as I don't think any warranty would still be good. Will try to post a picture when I get back to the office on Monday.
Congrats on the gift; it sounds like a nice find by your mother. Good luck with your procedure!


Cheaper than ink
Congrats -- those Merz & Krell 120s are nice pens, enjoy!

Is it the classic green/black model?

Can I start shopping with your mom? Best wishes on the procedure.
Prayers for your procedure... I underwent a heart valve replacement over 10 years ago. I understand what you may be feeling. I hope it goes well for you!
Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers, they are appreciated. Pictures or it didn't happen as we say...2017-06-12 20.01.16.jpg 2017-06-12 20.00.51.jpg
Just an update... The pen has a lovely stub nib though it is a little dry, and I get to go in for a cardiac cath and probably a stent or two in two weeks.
2 stents yesterday and already feeling better. Not getting winded walking up the stairs and not exhausted like I was. I learned from the cardiologist that the most common symptom of heart disease is fatigue, not chest pain.
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