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Nib tinkering with a Platinum

Well, I exchanged my recent Platinum Balance in wine red for . . . another one. Both are drier than my Platinum Cool from Goulet Pens, as they railroad when I press on the nib for a wider line some of the time. My Cool, on the other hand (with the same ink - Kon-Peki), simply doesn't railroad.

I'm thinking of running a brass shim between the tines a few times, but I don't want to scratch/damage/remove plating off of the nib. Is there a safe way of doing this? My understanding is that you take a sharp corner of the shim (use scissors to make one if you don't), insert at the breather hole, and run along the slit out the tip a few times. When you can see light along the slit except for the tip, then you're presumably done (?).

Is this accurate, or am I about to ruin a dry but otherwise serviceable nib? Thanks in advance!
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