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NFL: I Need a New Team


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For personal reasons I have abandoned the New York Jets after 40 years of faithful misery, I just can't let this years actions slide though. So I'm in the market for a new franchise to root for. I'm leaning towards the Chiefs, mostly because they are fairly close, one state away, and I have a cousin who works on their film staff. Looking for suggestions and your reasons why I should join your fan base. Oh, you gamblers out there should probably put money down on the Jets to win it all now that they won't be my team anymore:tongue_sm
Extra bonus for the Chiefs is that I could score free tickets from my cousin should I choose to make the 6 hour drive.
Are you JETS by birth, by geography or by choice?
If the first two, then sorry, you are stuck with them. Other teams will check the stamps in your passport and your DNA to determine.

If the latter, this is an excellent year to hitch to the Eagles wagon. Sure, they'll never win the Big One, but it will be fun to watch for a few years. (and let's face it, the rest of the NFC East is awful. (Sorry Salvador))


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Don't go for the Chiefs. Andy will let you down, because he always does. Remember last year?
Go for my Chiefs...they are a sure bet to probably let you down but still have a long shot...much better than the Jets with no chance no matter what...plus going to the home games are great!
I found a flow chart last season on how to pick a team. It was pretty funny. I'll see if I can find it. Until then, I say Eagles, of course. They're even green!
Packers. Only professional sports team owned by the fans of all the North American professional sports(taking about the 4 major leagues). They don't call Green Bay- "Title Town" for nothing...
I vote Chiefs. That way you can pick me up on the way to the games. :001_smile

I'll bring the Baccy, Beer, and Tailgate smoker.
Another vote for the Packers.

You want history - We got that.
You want small town, feel good story - We got that.
You want some of the best players in NFL (past and present) - We got that.
You want one of the most beautiful stadiums in the NFL - We got that.
You want the most NFL Championships - We got that.

You want a crappy team with a greedy owner... sorry, you got to go to Dallas for that.


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Are you JETS by birth, by geography or by choice?
My Jets affiliation comes from my mother and her family being from New Jersey. I was given Jets gifts as a small child(everyone was still riding the Namath high), so it was ingrained at an early stage. However, I was born and raised in Oklahoma, so geographically I'm independent on the NFL. You can forget the Cowboys, they have enough fans around here as it is, and I refuse to be a part of the mass delusion that Romo is an elite QB.
Consider the reasons for the Rams.

1. St. Louis is close to Oklahoma also.
2. QB Sam Bradford is ready for a break out year. Healthy, throwing great in camp.
3. They finally have some receivers and backs around Bradford.
4. Most importantly,big additions to their offensive line, will finally let us see if Bradford is a Boom or Bust QB. He has always had the physical skills and intangibles, now with the added pieces in place, we will see if he is actually a franchise QB or not.
5. Defense should be right where it needs to be.
6. The NFC West Division, will be the toughest division to play in. Seattle, San Fran.
7. The Rams will be the youngest and least experienced in that division. And who doesn't like to root for the under dog?
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Ok, guess that you can pick anyone, any NFL team to be a fan of (Go Raiders) .. but that's not my style, nor old style. A true fan needs to be born & bred in the area that the team represents, or otherwise is a butt-erfly. "Next year I'm picking the Patriots", wait, the Squeelers, wait the Browns ..

Go black and gold!!! Join the die hard Saints faithful. It's always a party in NOLA no matter the outcome! Here lately it's more W's than L's so that's and added bonus. Best food in the country! Fun loving folks! And we hate the cowgirls just because.

What say you?