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    The new NFL year started in March. The regular season is months away but teams are busy building their rosters. How do you like your team's chances this year?
  1. Well, as a Browns fan I don't typically start a season with much optimism but this year was always going to be the year we made our comeback so far as draft picks etc go.

    A lot of positives and, well, can't get any worse at this point.
  2. That's true. I think this is the year they climb out of the AFC North basement.
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    It's pretty much even odds as to whether the Cowboys will have a good season. Even though many like the Texans, I'd say their season also is up in the air.
  4. Schedules were released today.
    The Eagles have a tough schedule this season - seven games against 2017 playoff teams, including all 5 from the NFC.

    And the Jaguars got rid of the two-tone helmets!
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  5. You have to beat the best to be the best.

    Go Eagles!
  6. It will be a good season if the Bears are 500

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    It all depends on the QB the Cards can pick up.
  8. Can't think about football yet, first I have to be disappointed with baseball.
  9. I’m a Royals fan and this is definitely a year to be disappointed. So even though I’m still following them, I am already looking ahead to the Chiefs. After trading away Alex Smith, it will be interesting to see how well they do with Patrick Mahomes at QB. I’m hoping for a 9-7 or 10-6 season.
  10. The Vikings are in now-or-never mode after free-agent signings of Kirk Cousins and Sheldon Richardson, but as always, they'll only go as far as their O-line will allow. Having watched this tragicomedy for 40+ years, I have a guess regarding the ending, but I'm open to being pleasantly surprised.
  11. So, what did the Browns see that no one else saw? None of the mock drafts I read even listed Mayfield in the top 3 quarterbacks.
  12. They saw a talented quarterback with a similar skill set to Tyrod Taylor who hasn't turned the ball over much, something which has been a sore point with them lately. This should be a good year for the Browns.
  13. The Cowboys seem to be really breaking from the best buddies of Jerry Jones group. Should be interesting. Would've liked to have seen the Texans get Lamar Jackson to go along with Deshaun Watson but wasn't to be.
  14. I'm very excited about pre- season starting tonight. I have a great feeling about the saints this year. Last year's 2 ROYs have more experience and our receiver corp is the best it's been in years. Defense made great strides last year and is going to be even stronger this year if our lbs hold up.
  15. It may be a bit early but I'm going to make my season picks.
    Super Bowl: Eagles over Chargers

    Playoff teams clockwise from north:
    Vikings, Bears, Steelers, Eagles, Jets, Panthers, Jaguars, Texans, Rams, 49ers, Chargers, Chiefs

    I'd choose differently (one last division title for New England) if I were a betting man, but I have no money or credibility to lose here and I'm tired of seeing the Patriots on TV.
  16. Do not forget Jon Gruden and the Raiders. Just win baby.
  17. The J-E-T-E Jets!...Jets!...Jets! Really!

  18. Paxton Lynch continues to disappoint in Denver. Just goes to show how important the mental side of the game is because Paxton has the physical skills. But the way things are going he won't not be around much longer. :-(
  19. Elway fell in love with big arm prospects with flaws in "Lurch" Osweiler and "Ichabod" Lynch. Neither could develop the ability to pre snap read or go thru progressions after the snap. Each were inaccurate and couldn't correct flaws in their footwork and throwing motions. Siemian just didn't have the talent to be a starter I the NFL. It's another year with a new set of candidates.

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