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Next step up from a 34c

I love my 34c. It was my first “good” razor but in about two years the retaining ring that holds the knob in place has loosened twice and the knob fell out. The razor has a pretty cush life. Always in a case and only used when I travel. Is this a thing? My 37c which gets regular use at the sink has never had the issue. I have fixed it both times but wonder if there are more reliable options.
The retaining ring should not be removed and the bottom knob assembly does not need removing. I remove my annually just for cleaning and lubrication with light machine oil. The retaining ring replacement can be obtained here; Replacement Parts - Merkur Replacement Parts - Dovo Online
The ring should be slightly wider than the shaft so it retains it's position in the handle; it does not fall out. Fitting it back always requires compressing the ring before sliding the knob assembly back into the handle.
I have never had a problem with my 34C or 37C.
Totally get that and understand. Mysteriously mine has now essentially simply fallen out on its own twice. No drops, bangs or other rough treatment. My 37 seems fine
Mysteriously mine has now essentially simply fallen out on its own twice.
Just expand the gap, a little, on the retaining ring and it will remain captive in the handle housing. It is a great razor, you don't need a new one.
If you want a new razor for variety, try an open comb like the Fatip Piccolo or Grande. The Schone is also made in the same factory.
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