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I can't help it.
I want another soap.

Soaps I have:
AOS sandalwood (tallow by Valobra)

Looking to add either:
D.R. Harris Arlington
Pré de Provence

which one would be the best for the upcoming summer?

Trying to hold my SAD down but.....
I'll probably get the other one next fall.

They're both good soaps. The soaps you have are all tallow soaps. D.R. Harris is also a tallow soap; Pre de Provence is a veggie soap. So do you want to try something different?

I generally prefer tallow soaps, but I like Pre de Provence a lot. To me it lathers more like a tallow soap. It is enriched with Shea Butter, resulting in a post-shave face feel similar to that of MWF.

It is actually quad-milled, meaning that it is the hardest soap I own. This means that it takes a little longer to load the brush, it also means that a puck lasts almost forever.

The obvious choice is to buy them both. You know you want to. :thumbup1:

I've been pretty much knocked out by my Arlington sample. Great "classic" cologne scent, but not a strongly scented soap. Nice that Harris makes lots of Arlington product.
I like Harris a lot. I have a puck of Windsor that smells great and their Almond scent in stick form. Both perform very well for me
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