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Next shaving blade advice needed


I am contemplating tomorrow's shave and need to make a choice in the blade department. Voshkod have been my go to for months now, not the sharpest but sure do play well with my face, as I was shopping the Black Friday sales I did picked up a few tuck to try out and tomorrow will see a new blade used and I can choose between Gillette Platinum, Silver Blue, Nacet and Wilkinson sword saloon pack. Anyone of you dare to give me a recommendation with which one to start with ? All blade will be tested during the next few month, I generally used 2 to 3 blade a month of Voshkod shaving every other day so this may take a while.
If you like Voskhod, you'd probably like the Gillette Platinum (in dark blue pack). All the Russian Gillette blades are worth trying.
Kind of hard to go wrong with any of those. Sharpest to least sharp is something like Nacet, followed by Platinum, Silver Blue, and finally the Wilkinson Saloon in my experience.
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