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Next Scotch to buy?

I definitely like the Blue, it has nice hint of smokiness to it without it being overly strong. That said I like it when I get it as a present but not sure I am willing to spend the money myself. I have a brother-in-law who regularly receives scotch as a present from patients but does not drink it himself. I get a bottle of this passed along every so often.

If I am looking for an acceptable and affordable bottle that I can take along on a camping trip or event like that I usually reach for the Bowmore 12.
I can't specify which, but I have greatly enjoyed Glenrothes. Lag 16 is wonderful. Some of the Aberlours are lovely, too. If you are open to venturing away from Islay, I'd try a Glenrothes or an Aberlour.
Thanks for the suggestions and great info! I want to buy so many now. I got a Glen Morangie Quinta Ruban and a Lagavulin Distillers Edition. The Quinta Ruban has amazing flavors that are so unlike the Ardbeg Uigeadail, Uigeadail is still my favorite though. The Quinta Ruban is finished in port casks, I like ports and it really reminds me of a blend of a port and a scotch. I haven't opened the Lagavulin yet, but really wanna get the 16 and 12 now, as well as Talisker 10, Ardbeg 10, the other Ardbegs and all the others mentioned. I don't think Michigan sells Talisker Dark Storm, but would be interested in trying that too.
I love all the scotches you just listed, so you're on the right track in my opinion.

I don't think Talisker Dark Storm is available in the US. Talisker Storm, on the other hand, is definitely available in MI.
Ya, I've seen Talisker Storm all around. Ardbeg 10 is so different than the Uigeadail, it has what I think of as a typical scotch peaty smokiness where the Uigeadail reminds me of a campfire/bacony smokiness. This makes me very curious about the Ardbeg OA, which says barbequey on the bottle. I'm also saw Glen Morangie has a sherry cask finish, and I'm quite curious how that compares to the port finish Quinta Ruban.
+1 on the Lag 16 and Oban 14.

With the warmer months coming up, maybe a lighter Lowland malt....Glenkinchie 12, or an Auchentoshan?
I would avoid Talisker Storm/Dark Storm, 10 is much better and can be found for less.
Talisker Distiller's edition is finished in Sherry casks (like Uigeadail) and an acquired taste (personally I loved it, many find that it alters Talisker's character for no reason).
Uigedail's profile is hard to beat and if you would like to taste something peated that will not break the bank see Ardberg 10, Laphroig Quarter Cask (not the standard 10), Port Charlotte 10 and Ledaig.
I find PC10 a little more complex but the pricing is around 20-30$ more (in US) from the rest from what I see.

Top notch choices that are not peated:

Glenallachie 12 (sherry influence)
Bunnahabhain 12 (sherry influence)
Deanston 12
Tobermory 10
Glendronach 12 (the best 12yo sherry bomb IMHO)

Lightly peated:
Kilkerran 12 (this is the best 12 y.o. I have tried so far, punches way above it's price tag)
Benromach 10 (nicely balanced)

14-15 y.o. with a very decent price tag:
Clynelish 14
Glen Scotia 15
My favourite Scotch is the balvenie 21yr port wood. It’s an expensive one but one that I enjoy, any of the balvenie are a good choice really.
Another one I really enjoy is the Japanese Suntory, a really nice smooth one that gets some great reviews.
Surprisingly, nobody has mentioned the Macallan - definitely the king of Scotch whisky. They can go for thousands of dollars a bottle, based upon the specific age. But I have not found a Scotch that will beat the 12 year Macallan, which still has a reasonable price. I also find the Johnny Walker Blue blend to be very good (if you feel like spending).
A few of their bottles sell well into the six-figure range, but Isabella's sell for over $6 million!* I think I'll stick to Laugvulin 16 lol.

*A bit of a cheat since the bottle is diamond encrusted
Mention of Oban reminds me how much I enjoyed that scotch and that I should look out for it next time.

Lagavulin 16 is my all time favourite and I hope to be able to afford it again some day.

I recommend Highland Park, though I can’t give you a description. It’s from Orkney.
Highland Park 21 is astounding. I treated myself to a bottle a few years ago when I retired. This was before the prices went through the roof (tariffs for one thing). I hope the tariffs come off and the prices come back down soon. Highland Park 21 Year Old (Old Bottling) - https://www.masterofmalt.com/whiskies/highland-park/highland-park-21-year-old-old-bottling-whisky/
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