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Newbies PIF

In honor of shaving with a DE razor for one month as well as my first ATG shave I offer this PIF. Since starting I got 2 very infectious diseases SCAD and SSAD. In order to perpetuate these diseases I will be offering a mystery box contain several of my acquisition.

This PIF is open to all (yes outside CONUS) a winner will be picked at random around December 6th
Please just reply "I'm In" and let me know how your first ATG shave went.
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I'm in please.

My first ATG pass was a bit uncomfortable and the overall shave resulted in razor burn and a few wheepies...

Now, about two months in, my shaves are awesome. Of course, always working on technique, but pretty much never get any nicks and razor burn is down to zero! Just working on the new addiction! Haha!

Thanks for the PIF opportunity!!!

Im in!

My first ATG shave was with a cartridge razor and my god did it cause some irritation. That is what led me to my new obsession, my first ATG with a DE was amazing in comparison, after watching some mantic i did my first 3 pass shave with a eh de89 and it was so smooth in comparison. Im still seeking that perfect ATG pass as i go through a blade sampler, can't wait to be finished and pick a winner.

edit: forgot to say thanks for the opportunity. This community continues to impress me with the level of generosity of its members.
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I'm in!

My first ATG passes were on the rough side, nicks and weepers galore. Then I started to figure out the best order of operations for my face and life has been great since.
Not in, but I think it's a great PIF.

My first ATG shave seemed comfortable and smooth enough while doing it and even when splashing aftershave on. A few hours later though my neck started itching and turning red. It took almost a full day for the redness to go away. Needless to say, I've sort of shied away from ATG passes. I have noticed though that I get less irritation if I only do two passes. If I try WTG+XTG then ATG, I'll be itching later in the day, if I go WTG straight to ATG, it isn't so bad, but then again, I'm sure others on here may disagree. YMMV and whatnot.
I'm in!!! A mystery PIF!!! Thanks for the chance.

My first ATG went ok, but I took too many passes and had bad razor burn:blushing:. No cuts though. That came with my first agressive razor:scared:.

I'm in! My first atg pass was a bit rough. Gillette Tech, 7Oclock yellow blade, tugged and skipped and bounced quite a bit. There was blood.
I'm In.

My first ATG shave didn't go to well, because I had the angle all wrong. Got some serious weepers that day.

Thanks for the PIF.
Im in!
First shave went ok, but not great. irritation on the neck and a few little nicks but overall not too bad. I have had about of weeks worth of shaves since then, and things have gotten much better
I'm in.

My first shave went better than I thought it would. I was expecting blood everywhere but, it was a great shave. No nicks or irritation, just a BBS shave. But, then again it's easy to shave like a champ when you have this much information and help.
I'm in,

I have some questions, I'm a Noob, so bare with me, What's a PIF? And what are SCAD and SSAD?

I have not shaved ATG with either a DE or a Straight so can't really say, only with a Fusion and I get really bad Razor burn. My first when I was younger got me some cuts.

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