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Newbie Warning - places to shop and places to avoid as you explore the Art of Shaving

Somehow, I got on the email list of a "wonderful" purveyor of shaving equipment. This vendor really promotes the Art of Shaving in a big big way. Today, their email was the last straw:angry:. They solicited me to buy a new Engine-Turned Safety Razor from Merkur for only $85 in stores:cursing:.


Now, I know their price structure and many here will tell you that they are about DOUBLE what you can pay elsewhere.

So, for the newbies who are just getting into this, take a look at the ad above and then take a look at this ebay BUY IT NOW.

This ebay listing was the first thing Google turned up, likely it can be found for a few bucks less if you really look hard.

Newbies, save your money, learn the Art of Shaving elsewhere and be happy with your razor because it is both quality, and affordable.

Mods, if I have stepped on any toes, please pardon me, but he newbies need to know.
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There are plenty of good vendors out there. Take a look in the Vendor Items for Sale forum to see some of those who support B&B.
Can't be any worse than me. My first DE I bought was when I hadn't yet found B&B and was pretty ignorant about the world of DE's. I went to my local House-of-Knives (Canadian chain) which sells DE razors and I grabbed one thinking I had made a smart move. Well this razor was $80 and had no markings on it to lead me to what it is a rebrand of. I recently found it: It's a Parker. I bought a $30 Parker razor for over $90 if you include tax. Gah!

I'll stick with online vendors from now on.
My First DE was some no name brand TTO which was included as part of a pack. From memory for about $25AUD I got a Boar Brush (very small), Akro Soap, a DE TTO, 100 Derby Blades. Was too good to pass up.

Needless to say I have moved on since then! However, I was using the Same DE and Blades, while I explored every soap / cream under the sun. Now my attentions turns to Blades and Razors.... arrggg...
After getting an AoS starter kit as a gift I got into wet shaving. So I find that their products are very good. However, when it comes to razors they just sell overpriced razors from other brands so I would probably look elsewhere for razors.
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