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Newbie to Wet Shaving

So far for blades I have been using,

Wilkinson sword
King C. Gillette
Derby Extra

So far I find the Rockwell to be my least favorite of the bunch.
The KCG blades and the Wilkinson are really nice, and the Derby I haven't had many shaves yet to determine how I really feel about them.
Welcome!I love the Wilkinson Sword from Germany. Good sharpness, smooth cutting, durable for 5-6 close shaves. If you like Gillette products, Gillette Pure shave cream is very good. Is very slick, so the razor glides over your face. No irritation with this cream. Dump the foam, does not hold moisture on your face, which you need for your beard to stand up. I was a "Foamy Fan" too. Creams and soaps are better for your face. Also, good prep is key to "hydrate" your face, for a great DFS, or BBS, whichever is your goal. Read the stickys, and search in the forums for good info on prep, and technique to this great hobby. Ask questions, everyone here is willing to help...
Hi everyone,
I just recently joined the site, and I've also recently started wet shaving with DE razors.

I already see the way this becomes an addiction, lol.

I've attached my set up that I have collected in the 2 months I've been wet shaving. And would love to get your comments!

My razors are left to right.
Rockwell R1 butterfly
Rockwell 6C (one of my faves) and newest to my collection.
King C. Gillette long handle (my favorite)
Wilkinson sword butterfly long handle.

I am using the Wilkinson sword shaving soap with the matching premium badger brush.
Both of which I am very happy with. The soap has a great fragrance to it the my wife loves, and I enjoy as well. It's also very easy to lather for a beginner like myself.

I also have the Proraso sensitive skin shaving cream (which I still haven't tried yet)
I'm still trying to use up what's left of the Gillette foamy shaving cream can, and I can't wait to expand my collection of soaps and brushes.

Thinking of trying the Arko soap and a boar bristle set that's available from Amazon next. (The brush is the shave factory model from Omega)

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