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Hi everyone. Im a proud owner of a merkur future. I usually use merkur blades but am running out and i live in sydney australia and im having difficulty getting them for some reason. Does anyone know where i could get them from or would recomend double edged blade thats goog or better.
Hi fellow Aussie,
I'm down in Melbourne and I am yet to find anything but New Zealand made Wilkinson Swords. I'd advise you not to get them, they are crap. Nicks, cuts, tear hair rather than cut. Ouch! I ordered the Derby's off Ebay and they are damn good. Lovely blade. I tried the feathers too, very sharp but a little less forgiving of errors than the Derby. I find them a little dangerous on the touch and cut.
I still have about 17 packs of the Derbys and another 20 on the way (hey, can't resist a bargain, they are so cheap at the moment. I'm set for blades for almost 4 years now).
If you wanted to try some before you get 100 I'd be happy to send you up a pack of 5. Just PM me if your interested.
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