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Newbie strop questions

I will start using a straight in a few weeks and have decided on either the filly strop or whipped dog poor man strop for my first strop. My question is are both of these ready to go out of the box or do I need to do anything to them before use? From what I've read, I daily strop on the soft side and (many conflicting reviews on this) strop a few strokes on the rough side every 4-7 days to keep the edge. Is this right?


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Unless advised otherwise, both strop should be ready to go when out of the box.

Rough side/soft side.

You probably mean Rough = Linen/Canvas and Soft = Leather?

If that's the case, I use both Linen and Leather each time I strop for all my straights.

I do 30 laps on Linen and 60 laps on Leather. If you only have a Leather strop, 60 laps on Leather should be enough.
In the picture of the filly strop, there is a soft side with the little "fibers" of leather and a rough side that the description of the strop says is treated with 0.5 chromium oxide. These are the soft and rough sides I was talking about.
The smooth leather side with the RR on it is for daily stropping. The back of the Filly, with the CrOx, is for every now and then to keen the edge. The Filly and the Poor man strop don't come with a linen or canvas component, but if they did, it would be as Luc said, canvas or linen before leather.
The rough side comes pasted with CrOx. Only use it when you feel the blade pulling more than usual. Start with 10 laps, wipe the blade to remove any CrOx residue, strop normally on the smooth side and shave. If it's still pulling do 10 more laps on the CrOx side. Don't do too many laps because CrOx can round your bevel.
Sorry to hijack this thread, but should you tape the spine of your razor when stropping on the CrOx side (like when honing)?

Personally I wouldn't want to strop on that rough side, but to each his own. Either strop will do you just fine. I think Whipped Dog uses English Bridle, which, IMO is a nicer leather with a nicer draw. Just speaking out of personal preference.
If you happen to get the Whipped Dog strop you wouldn't use the rough side at all. I think in his kit you may get a balsa hone with two pastes. So in that case - you'd strop with the smooth leather before every shave and when you start to feel the razor's edge go you'd use his balsa hone, wash the blade then go on your merry way stropping on the smooth leather and shaving.
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