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Newbie question: Difference in shaving at night versus the morning

Hi there,

I'm fairly new to wet shaving and have a question about times for shaving. I've been shaving with cartridges for years but never shaved in the evening. After switching to wet shaving with a DE razor (I'm not sure if switching is correct because I always used water before even with the canned foam) I decided to shave in the night before bed twice in the past week and a half just to save time.

What I got both evenings was almost comparable to road rash both times. I wasn't in a hurry and the only thing I changed was the cream (Proraso) versus a soap (EJ). Could it be the soap or is just that at the end of the day is not a good time to shave. I dunno, maybe my blood pressure was up, or I'm unsteady at the end of the day but the evening shave haven't worked. Thoughts? ideas? Any advice or tips welcome.

I'm discovering that wet shaving is like golf. It requires close attention and anything going on the back of your mind will affect your swing. Distractions will land you in the bunker. You could be (subconsciously) applying more pressure because you're "up". Mornings for me are the slowest part of my day, so I feel pretty good when I shave.

Do you shower before shaving at night? If not, then that might affect the quality of your shave.
I almost never shave first thing anymore. I'm slower in the AM and one needs to let their face settle in after a night's sleep. I usually shave late morning or early afternoon but I'm retired. :wink:
The difference? One you're shaving when it's the dark, the other... :laugh: in all seriousness though, there is no difference. Some folk prefer night, others morning. I favour morning personally so I can enjoy a close shave throughout the day
Hi there,

I'm fairly new to wet shaving and have a question about times for shaving.

tip 1) give it some time.. learning to use a DE well takes practice... pressure and angle will fall into place

tip 2) take a nice quick shower before the shave, that might calm the nerves

tip 3) maybe tell us more about your gear, passes, blade., etc..
i shave in the very late evening on days before work... if i shave in the morning i tend to touch my face all day. If i shave at night, i tend t touch my face all day too.

i do it for the lack of time and normal attention before sunrise and that i enjoy going to sleep feeling clean... however i nice morning shave on weekends can def start a day well.
The only difference is the time of day. The real difference is whether you shave immediately after a shower (...which I highly recommend). Your whiskers will be hydrated and really take to the lather. You'll get a much better shave.

The others above are right, though. As you develop your shave technique, you'll be able to shave at any time without problems. Just hang in there, and for now, try to shave right after a shower.

-- John Gehman
I shave at night because it gives me a bit more time and I usually shower at night so it typically follows the rest of my hygene regimen.
Thanks for the feedback. I'm use my late fathers DE razor,an Aristocrat Junior, but have a EJ89L on the way. Usually I shave with Proraso pre-shave and cream and have been getting awesome shaves until I tried the evenings. I was thinking my face felt puffy and that might be contributing to this. However it seems from the responses that any time of the day works as long as you do it right. I'll probably stick to the mornings until I get super good at this and then if I need to I'll test it out again later on. Thanks again for the replies!


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As a Afro-American wet shaver for many, many 'moons', I had shaved in the AM (then shower), for as long as I can remember. But I've noticed lately (like within the last six [6] months), that at the end of the day (which is really embarrassing in the work place and in public...if I don't 'check' myself during the day), I get these small to very small white bumps (pus filled...I think maybe the beginings of ingrown hairs???), around the sides of my chin (and somtimes the jaw-line), when I shave in the AM.

Now, some of you would say that I shave too close (most likely atributed to my Army background, but I swear...I only complete 2 passes [WTG & ATG]), but my daily procedure is to face wash twice a day with Cetaphil (I do have sensitive skin), use a natural bristle brush to exfoliate my face (for ingrown hairs), prior to shaving, use VDH Deluxe soap, either of my Merkur's 23C or 38C (with Shark SC blades ), and finish with Clubman Special Reserve.

Presently, after transitioning and shaving in the PM (same procedure as above), and letting my face 'rest & heal' (no stubble in the AM), I don't have or find anymore of those unslightly white bumps during the day and I wonder...isn't that strange and w
hy is that? Of course I don't have any complaints with PM shaving and not having to deal with the white bumps during the day, but I still ponder what could be the reason for this anomaly.

How many of you shave at night for more healing time?

Q. Has anyone here experienced this
type of strange and happy change of events / results?

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It could be the prep. During the day you are exposed to elements outside as well in the workplace. For me shaving before work has always been the routine for the past 23 years.
Perhaps its a combination of touching or external irritants in that area during daytime but not as much as night. Compound that with the healing time and that's probably the answer.
During the week i shave just before bed so I can take my time and enjoy it. Weekends I shave in the morning so I can shave after a shower.
I suspect your harsh evening shaves have to do with prep. I'm assuming your morning routine involves a shower, while your evening routine probably doesn't. I get my best shaves immediately following a shower, so when I'm shaving at night, I need to prep the face to simulate the softening effects that a shower has on my beard. I'll lightly wash my face then hold a hot towel on it for a minute or two before lathering up, and usually this gets things in good shape.

The benefit of the evening shave is not feeling the pressure to get out the door for work. I can really slow down and take my time, and this is really what makes for a good shave - focus on technique, beard grain, pressure, and just relax and enjoy the process.
I once read that your face swells while you sleep, and that it is good to shave in the morning when it is still swollen. I could not tell you the reason why this helps, as it is something I read a long time ago in either a Men's Health or GQ article, and who knows if it was even correct. I personally have to shave in the morning because my beard grows too quickly and I'd get my butt chewed for having a scruff every day... If I'm really "lucky" and down range, then I'll shave at dusk with a water bottle, plenty of dust and grit, and a cartridge as we're letting our eyes adjust.
I have also read about the face-swelling idea, but I interpret it differently. I find that I am still in bed, I can barely feel the stubble. After I have been vertical for an hour or so, the stubble is much more prominent. I doubt my stubble grows that much in an hour, so shave after breakfast.
I have also read about the face-swelling idea, but I interpret it differently. I find that I am still in bed, I can barely feel the stubble. After I have been vertical for an hour or so, the stubble is much more prominent. I doubt my stubble grows that much in an hour, so shave after breakfast.

Could very well be that I have just hit my head too many times since reading about it, and maybe the article was saying this is why you should NOT shave right when you wake up :lol:
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