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Newbie product assessment.

This is my take on the products I’ve used so far. I started shaving with a DE about a month ago.

Preshave: I have only used the American shaving company preshave oil so far. I know some think this isn’t really necessary, but I think it helps a little bit. It has argan and Jojoba oil which I think is good for the skin, so it’s got that going for it. I think it’s a good value at for the two ounce bottle.

Razor: I use the EJ de89lbl. I got this one for a good price about half price on Ebay compared to the amazon price. It was new and unused still in its wrapper, but the box was beat up. I determined it was an amazon return. I was concerned it might be fake, but it looks real compared to what I could see on the web. I got this one because I read it was a good mild starter razor. The only other razors I have used is the Mach 3 and electrics. I am going to try to stick with this one until my technique improves. Already I feel I want to try something more aggressive because BBS so far has been elusive. I can get bbs with the mach 3. I keep telling myself to work on technique instead of trying to obtain bbs by switching razors.

Later I might try a vintage Gillette. I thought about getting my birthyear slim adjustable, but I read that is kind of a cliché thing already.

Blades: The more my technique improves the less a factor the blades seem to be. I got a sampler pack of 10 premium blades. They all seem to be good my favorite so far is the Gillette silver blue. My least favorite is the Derby extra. There is a caveat on the Derby extra . It was the first blade I tried because I heard it was a good beginner blade. However, I was crap at making lather and it was my first de shaves. I murdered my face with some poor lather. I moved on after two shaves with the Derby. I still have some Derbys I will revisit them. I still have a feather to try. I am going to use that one last from my sampler pack. I heard many people like the de89 feather combo. I like the Gillette silver blue. Personna platinum chrome and the Rapira Lux the best so far.

Brushes: I do not have a lot to say on brushes I have the Rocky mountain barber company best badger. It makes lather and it could be softer. I have a synthetic on order.

Soaps and creams. Cella I like very much smells like Christmas cookies, TOBS sandalwood I like very much scent and performance, La Toja really very good with a light scent. I can use this as a non-scented soap. PDP Bergamot and thyme, I need to try this one again my lather making has improved. I Failed at making a good lather with this one. Smells like good clean soap and I like the shea butter. It has a good post shave feel.

Artisans soaps: I am exploring artisans soaps I have some samples. I am unsure if I am onboard with the artisans soaps. I feel the only way they can compete with the classics (Cella MKF Tabac, Proraso) is on scent. They can’t produce it any cheaper than the bigger companies or perform significantly better. They try to produce better scents. The soap scents fade fairly quickly so I’m not sure what’s the point. Also I am sensitive to strong scents. I don’t think I will be trying Arko.

Post shave balms, Alum blocks, after shaves and EDT: I use an alum block to give me feedback on my shave. I don’t feel Alum is good for your skin. I will probably discontinue its use after I feel my technique is competent. I stopped using deodorant with aluminum many years ago. It was causing me weird sweat gland swellings. Years ago deodorant without aluminum was really hard to find. I had to go to Whole foods and buy Toms of Maine deodorant. It was the only one I could find without aluminum. Now deodorant without aluminum is easy to find. I guess I was ahead of the curve.

I like the balms. I use Nivea aftershave balm. I Think its good value and good for the skin. Duke cannon ice cold aftershave balm. This is a menthol with sandalwood I think. I’m not big into menthol, this one starts out smelling like Vics VapoRub but that fades quickly. I use it but not all the time. Its got shea butter it feels good on the skin. I also use Tobs sandalwood gel aftershave gel. I like this too a little goes a long way. A lot of these balms has witch hazel which is used as an astringent. I have read witch hazel is not good for the skin. I wonder if any astringent is good for the skin.

Aftershaves. I am exploring aftershaves. I am not sure this is something I will use. So far the samples I have used has left me underwhelmed. I thought aftershave scents where supposed to fade very quickly. I used TOBS sandlewood aftershave and the scent lingered for hours. I am sensitive to strong scents and it caused slight irritation. I have samples of Fine Accoutrements American blend and Fresh vetiver. American blend is nice I don’t care for Fresh vetiver. I have only smelled these I have not used them yet. I have a sample of Lucky tiger bay rum. Its nice. Is this a true bay rum scent? There are so many bay rums it’s hard to know which one is a good representation. I have a sample of the Tobs Mr Taylor cologne. This is a good scent. My wife likes it. I am hoping it won’t irritate me when I wear it. I know the alcohol in aftershave isn’t good for your skin. If I don’t find something that I really like I might just forgo aftershave and stick with aftershave balm.

That is where I am at with my product evaluation. I expect this to change maybe by quite a bit in the near future. I feel like I have a decent kit and have an idea of what works for me.


The Aussie Basshole
Thanks for your thoughts on the products. Have you thought about starting a diary in the Journals and Diaries Forum? You can write down your thoughts on different products and then when you want to revisit your thoughts they won’t be too hard to find.
Well welcome to our world

Just ditch the preshave products. Just money milker it adds nothing to the shave, oils can even hurt lather soooo to the trash can :c1:
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