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Newbie pif!

Ok so we have here a pretty much new ive on only used it a few times.. merkur 37c HD slant up for grabs....sadly it doesnt get close enough for me but it may for you!...i would prefer this to be in Australia...all you have to do is comment “merkur 37c slant” and you are in ...ill give you each a number on the day and pick it from a random number picker! Then when i have messaged you and you have given me your postage details i will post it either that day or the next! I will clean it as thorough as i can with a toothbrush then disinfect it.. p.s you dont have to really be new i just wanted it in this area!


“merkur 37c slant”
Thanks for your generosity. Been always wanting to try the famous Merkur slant. I am from Malaysia so quite near to you :)
Would like to try a slant razor. The Merkur 37C slant would be the one I would try.
I am in WA, thanks for the great thought!
Hey no problem :c2: people offered me tons of stuff when i first started out here..(i didnt accept it but it was a lovely gesture) just figured its better in somebody elses hands than to sit in the bottom of a box doing nothing
Great PIF but I'm not in as T model razors are not my thing. If you start to let go some of your obsolete SR's, you will have me.
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