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Newbie of 3 years looking to change DE kit

Three years ago, I switched from Gillette Mach3 cartridges to wetshaving with my first double edge safety razor, a Merkur Futur (with brush/bowl kit). I use Merkur blades and Geo F. Trumper's almond shaving cream and sometimes Coral Skin Food as an aftershave. I also apply moisturizer with SPF daily.

While I definitely prefer DE over disposable cartridges, I still only like to shave once or twice a week.

I have light skin and dark hair. With a one-pass shave that feels smooth, a "shadow" of the dark follicles or roots are still visible. Generally I avoid a two-pass shave because of razor burn/in-grown hairs. Now I want to change my entire shaving setup to see if it can be any more enjoyable, yet at a good price.

Currently leaning towards a purchase of Gillette Fat Boy, Feather blades and Col. Conks shaving soap or cream and a new aftershave.
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Given your hair and complexion, a different razor probably won't change your results. But we will help enable your RAD anyway. What setting(s) do you use on that Futur?


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The Futur is supposed to be very aggressive, a milder razor might help to do more passes and have a less aggressive beard reduction.

The Merkur blades aren't the best IMO, they work but for cheaper you can get better. Try a razor blade sample pack.
What setting(s) do you use on that Futur?

I've kept the Futur dial between 3 and 4 after some initial trial and error. I rarely cut myself and it's comfortable as long as I don't do a final pass against the grain.

Other reasons why I want to try a different DE razor:
The Futur is a little bulky to shave directly under the nose.
A butterfly design is a safer way to replace blades.
Welcome to B&B!

The Merkur blades aren't the best IMO, they work but for cheaper you can get better. Try a razor blade sample pack.
+1. How about changing one variable at a time? A different blade could make all the difference.
I would try another blade with the Futur. What's more, you may want to try shaving as follows: First pass with razor set at 1, next pass at 2, and next pass at 2.5. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it works with my Progress.
There are a gadzillion options, so here is one ...

Go to the B&B B/S/T forum and get yourself a Gillette Superspeed Flair Tip.

Start with some Shark Super Chrome blades, then try the Astras before the Feathers.

Nothing wrong with the Colonel! (It's highly under-rated and rarely mentioned here amongst all the high-dollar stuff, but I primarily switch between it and Proraso). You might also want to try a tube of Proraso Shave Cream.

Just my $0.02 worth. The other added benefit of this set-up is it is very economical, and if you find you don't like the Flair Tip, you will have no problem selling it and recouping your investment.

Thanks everyone for the advice, there is so much helpful information here.

First thing I'm going to do is upgrade the blades and try out Proraso shaving cream.

Also, for those interested in travel-sized (1.7oz) Proraso / C.O. Bigelow-branded shaving cream from Bath and Body Works, I found them on sale today in store. 5 tubes for $15. Wish I had known about the printable coupons for Bath and Body Works earlier today!
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