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    Hi All,

    I’ve been a lurker around the Badger and Blade for a number of years and have always been clean shaven, but have finally decided to give the beard a go.

    Being growing it for nearly 4 weeks, and got it neatened up round the edges at the barbers recently.

    I want to keep it neat and was planning to use my DE round the edges for this, however wondered whether a straight razor, if I can learn how to use it, might allow me to shape it better as slightly difficult to see where the blade is going with the DE. Wondering what others do, any thoughts?

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    Straights or open comb razors are great for cutting in really tight straight lines, but can be risky because they will cut through longer hair without much resistance. Safety bars are nice if you're in a hurry because you can feel them bump up against the beard line before cutting right through it.
  2. Thanks, to clarify I just want to use it for trimming the neck line and cheek line, when you refer to safety bars to you just mean a normal DE or do you mean something else?

  3. troy

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    By Safety bar I mean a non open comb. Probably what you mean by normal DE But it could also be a SE or injector razor. A Tech or Super Speed would have a Safety where an OLD or NEW would be an open comb. Injectors are nice for beard lines because the small head can get into small spaces and is easy to see. I use lots of different razors and they can all get the job done, so whatever you already have will work, but you may find something you like slightly better. I find it's best to only make the lines real sharp every now and then, if you keep trying to make sharp lines every day it's easy to go too far and whittle away mare than you want. Also with the neck line it's better to be too low than too high. Hope that helps.
  4. I was like this when i first started using a DE.

    Then i started letting my beard grow and i started using a schick injector (works very well for cheek and neck lines). After a while, i discovered a shavette, which is like a straight, but not as heavy and with a less learning curve.

    I've been using the shavette method for almost two years now. And my cheek and neck lines are nice and sharp.
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  5. Thanks troy and MrLara, both helpful comments.
  6. I have both straight and DE razors and have used both for maintaining my cheek and neckline. My personal preference is a straight razor. I feel I have more control on what I'm cutting. I used both razors prior to growing my full beard so I have experience using both. I'd suggest trying both and use which ever one is the easiest for you. Good luck!
  7. I'm 100% for using straights for trimming around a beard or stache. I've been primarily a straight user since learning to shave on them though... a big investment if you're just going to use it for cutting in a beard or goat and not for shaving generally. A cheaper method might be to pick up a Parker shavette which lets you use DE blades that you already have. The Feather Artist Club shavette is great, but about 5 times the cost of the Parker with a box of blades.

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