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Newbie looking for 2nd brush

Hello all!

I am looking for my second shave brush. Currently I have the Large C&E Best Badger. I love the brush, it is a bit soft and a bit large. I got it with the 50% off easter coupon.

This brush works great for me on Mama Bears soaps, but doesnt do so great on the triple milled TOBS etc.

I am looking for something a bit coarser and smaller.

can anyone make any recommendations.

I know this is a bit vague, but I need some pointers, someone to steer me in the right way. I would like to keep it under $75, if possible under $60.

Thanks in advance for the help!
Sounds easy enough.

On the low end, an Omega "Professional" series boar brush will work great with soaps. Personally, I didn't care for the loft (60mm) or the water retention. But for $15 it is a good brush to have around.

Higher up, I'll plug the Rooney line. For <$75 you get your choice of:

1/1 in Super
3/1 in Super
3/1 "Special" in Super

From pictures I found the 1/1's handle to be a bit small for my hands, and the "specials" were just released, but they have a different handle a slightly shorter loft than a regular 3/1.

However, I love my 3/1 and when your triple milled soap is softened with a bit of hot water, it charges easily and makes gobs of lather.

Shavemac also has some good deals going on now, but I'll let others chime in on those since I haven't used them yet.
Right now, I'd say you've got your answers: Rooney or Shavemac. The Rooney--and my vote is the 3/1 in super, admittedly at the top end of your $75 range--might work better face-lathering hard (tripple-milled) soaps. I have the Shavemac 177 in the larger 23mm knot and silvertip, and it's solid with hard soaps if I lather in a bowl. While I don't have any personal experience with it, but contrasting to my larger silvertip, I think the recommendation of the Shavemac finest 21mm knot makes a ton of sense. Either way, this is a slam-dunk no-lose decision. Each brush, deservedly, has legions of fans.
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thanks for all the recommendations. I tend to face lather, and unless using soaps, I never bowl lather.

I am going to take a look at the 2 of them and go from there.

Once again, thanks for all the recomendations!


How do Shavemac's compare to Rooneys? I own neither. My favorite brush is my Kent 2008 LE brush. The combination of stiffness with soft tips is amazing. I have been using my C&E Super (nickel/ebony version) and it is ok. Not like my Kent.

Funny thing, I used a $6 boar last night. Those brushes are great!
I vote a Shavemac Custom in Finest - 21mm knot, 50mm loft

I'll +1 this, sort of. Custom Shavemac with Finest hair - 18 or 19mm knot, 45mm loft. I say 18 or19mm for a couple reasons. You said you are looking for something smaller than your BBB, and the 18 and 19mm knots will save you some $. My Shavemacs feel and perform like larger brushes than they actually are, so I wouldn't be afraid of a smaller know with this brand. This will be a firm brush with soft tips that absolutely chews up hard soaps.

I used mine (19mm/45mm Finest) this morning, and I have to say it is definitely the best performing brush I own or have owned (too many to list... it's a sickness). It releases lather like a dream, and there's no need for brushes any denser than this one, IMO. A bold statement, I know.

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Nothing wrong with the B&B Essential. It's become my almost everyday brush and it's right in your price range, except that you have to become a contributor to buy one (which you should consider doing anyway).:smile:
I vote a Shavemac Custom in Finest - 21mm knot, 50mm loft

+2. I think the Shavemac is great with soap compared to an EJ large BB (which I think is comparable to the C&E). The EJ feels like a big sponge and flattens out whereas the Shavemac retains more shape so I can work the lather in with the ends of the bristles.
Great brush. :thumbup1:

for face lathering soaps I don't think you can beat a Rooney 1/1, for bowl lathering soaps I would probably go with a Rooney 3/1. In comparing my Rooney to my Shavemac I find the Rooney a better soap brush and better at face lathering while the Shavemac is a better all around brush both great brushes just depends what you are looking for.
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