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Newbie: Has his first open comb's & questions

Very happy today I have my new OC's.


I know their Gillette's and I know they are News. One has a short comb the other a long comb, one common bar handle the other ball end. ( I think ) Can any one tell me about the copper headed one? Or is it just a very red brass? I'm guessing at one time it was gold but got buffed off, but it looks cool to me I don't mind that at all, it's different.
Also I am wondering if the heads are mixed up? The copper ones back plate has no patten # on it. The ball end handle has 3 patten #'s on it and one on the handle, says Jan. 13 1920. Any information on these would be very appreciated. Ho-- someone told me I could add weight to it. ( the common bar handle ) It dose feel too top heavy to me. What would be the best way to do this?
I can answer some of your questions, I think.

Gillette commonly used red brass for the heads of razors and yellow brass for the baseplate. Not sure why really, but it's common. It did have a gold wash on it when it was new, a very thin layer. It is common to see it mostly or all gone.

I am not an expert on the serial numbers, so I can't say if the handles are mixed up or not.

I believe earlier models came with the ball end handle and later they switched to the common bar handle. However, it's really nearly impossible to tell if the handle is original. All Gillette handles are interchangeable and sellers are savvy. They will switch a cracked and ratty handle for another nicer handle they have and then sell it. Or maybe the original owner switched handles, no way to know.

Some do add weight to handles by taking off the ball end or the handle from the collar if the handle is cracked. I would not try to take apart an intact handle. People use bb's to add weight, lead balls or paste, tungsten and other things. The then secure the weight with melted wax or epoxy, reversible or non reversible. I find the original handles to thin, small and short. They feel like toys in my hand and I do not have large hands.

If you want a heavier handle, I suggest a Weber, Ikon, Cadet or any other modern handle you like. I haven't found a handle yet that won't fit the NEW. I think a heavier, longer, modern handle makes the NEW one of the best shaving razors ever made. You have to decide what you want.
​Thanks a lot Jeff, I want to learn as much as I can about my new razors. This is such a fantastic hobby and you get to use them every day, well... if your face can handle it. Mine can't right now but it getting better. Thanks!
Well, I hope it helped a little anyhow. Enjoy your new razors. The really are some of the best Gillette ever made, IMO. They will give you amazing shaves once you get the angles and pressure down.
​I had my first shave with the one with the red brass head and put on the SC, but just junky store brand blades. but still my best shave so far. Far from BBS but very happy. Thanks!
+1 to everything Jeff said.
Please, please, please do yourself a favor and buy some decent blades. Amazon has Astra SPs for $11. B&B member dcc sells Polsilver SIs for very favorable prices. Of course, there is always WCS, Bullgoose, etc.
You will thank yourself once you have some good blades.
I'd be happy to send you some blades as well, if you don't have access to anything more than store brand blades. It really does make a huge difference.
​Thanks Guys yesterday I found some Gellette Super Stainless, super inoxydable blades. (made in Russia ) $8.79 for 10 tried them this morning I think their better? but I'm not sure. Just checked out amazon wow 100 blades for $ 11.15 yeah I well get them. Astra SP ( superior Platinum ) Thanks Guys, and Jeff thanks for your offer.
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