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    hi I from korea call me Jae. I start to wet shaving last month and happy to finally join community. I start wet shave because 1. cheaper than cartridge razor and 2. I have sensitive skin so to reduce razor burn. but i stick with it because I found that i enjoy process of wet shave... it give me mental healing... many collectibles, accessories, nice smell soaps, creams, after shave, balm, colognes, also thousands razor choose from. now I am part of shave community so hope I can share tips and learn much I can because this become one of my passionate hobby. I am still in crawling stage(cant walk yet) in what razor and blade right for me, what aftershave, what smell I like,, so on. I plan to learn like turtle. shave on!
  1. MO1


    Welcome! Glad to have you on board!
    Good luck on the saving money part! :001_302:
  2. ackvil

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    Welcome to B&B, Jae.
  3. thank you!!! hahaha funny because I switch to save money but spend little more now because it is beginning so just to gear up. but now I enjoy shaving very much, before with cartridge it was chore.
  4. thanks so much! I will ask if I have question!
  5. MO1


    I feel you.
    I was only using disposables and electric shavers, before I jumped straight into straight razors.
    I thought I would be saving money aswell, but the amount I've put into straights, strops, stones, brushes and soaps. Let's just say saving money is not the priority anymore lol.
  6. agreed! also I benefit from reduce razor burn. also benefit from joining community meeting nice people!
  7. Welcome!

    Glad you are here!
  8. Thank you!
  9. Welcome to the club, Jae. Glad to have you aboard.
  10. Thank you, I can know already I will love being here. so many friendly friends.
  11. Welcome to B and B , @spaceboy

    Glad you like this forum.
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    Welcome to the forum Jae, thanks for checking in and sharing.
  13. Welcome to B&B.
  14. Welcome aboard!
  15. @spaceboy, I am very happy to welcome you to B&B.
  16. thank you everyone! glad I can be part of it!
  17. Yeoboseyo!!!

    Welcome to the forum! Is wet shaving becoming more popular in Korea? Any good Korean wet shaving products?
  18. Welcome to the forum !!
  19. Welcome to B & B Jae, enjoy!

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