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Newbie finding my way around

Hi there! I've been lurking and learning from the forums and decided to finally jump in myself.
I've been DE shaving only since the pandemic, when I realized I have time to finally lose the beard. Started with a Merkur 34c and shaved my way through blade samplers, moved on to a Slim and recently a Red Tip. Now I'm eying something toothy, probably a NEW or something in the neighborhood.
I've found this community very useful and am glad to be a part.
Welcome! I'm new here too but have learned a ton already. We're kind of on a parallel path with razors so far except that I have a 33C and am shopping for a Super Speed (possibly Red Tip).
Nice! One thing I can say about my Super Speed and, I assume, any from that flare tip era is that it feels really great in my hand. Compact, weighty and thick handled. The actual shave probably isn't that different from my Slim (it doesn't adjust, of course) but it's a nicer grip.


The Lather Maestro
Welcome! Quite a spread of razors you have there. The red tip is a bit more aggressive than your 34C, they bracket from mild/medium (34C) to fairly aggressive (red tip). How did you find those, if you don't mind my asking? I tried quite a number of razors back in the day and finally settled in on the 34C as my "daily driver" for a long time.

You'll have fun here, I can tell!
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