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Newbie Checking In

Just picked up my first safety razor a Van Der Hagen, with a blade shaving brush, and some Prasaso green pre-shaving cream and Prasaso shaving cream in a cup followed up by some Prasaso Aftershave. I love the cream but looking to upgrade my brush and razor in the near future and recommendations? I'm currently using Van Der Hagen DE blades.


Astra SP or Gillette Silver Blues have been my preferred blades.

Merkur 34c is a great modern brush without breaking the bank or a Gillette Tech is a great place to start.

I love Omega brushes for boar or Razorock for synthetic
Welcome to B&B. The Merkur 34C or Edwin Jagger DE89 are good razors for not too much money. I like Yaqi synthetic brushes, and they're also reasonably priced.
I'm not familiar with the brush you mention but I would say keep with the razor for now and "upgrade" the blades.

The VDH razor has a pretty good reputation as I recall (I certainly like mine!) but the blades considerably less so.
Welcome!!! What is your budget? You are about to get smacked with a ton of opinions. A quick answer to a blade sampler is to do a search on e-bay for a sampler pack. $3.50 should get you an envelope with 10 or so blades. You could also go to West Coast Shaving and order a sampler blade pack and a Yaqi synthetic brush. Both eould serve you well. I would really recommend doing away with the VdH blades as soon as possible, tuggy and no redeeming qualities. Which os a shame when it is so many people's introduction to DE shaving. Anyway, welcome again!
Thank you all for your responses, any recommendation on DE blades?
To be honest it's a trial and error thing as everyone is different. Get hold of a blade sampler and you'll get a useful spread of blades some smooth, some mild, some sharp, some very sharp.

But as you asked my two personal favourites are Gillette 7 o'clock sharp edge (yellow's) and Gillette Rubie.


Great advice above!

I echo the following suggestions:
1. EJ89 series or Merkur 34C for the razor.
2. Pick an appealing boar or synthetic brush.
3. Work through a blade sampler pack or two.

Mostly, ENJOY the journey! :thumbup:
Hi Cbright,

That is going to be a tough one as a lot of people are having trouble getting in to work. Businesses are definitely affected. And postal service may be delayed as well. I guess it depends where you live, and what is close.