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Newbie checking in with sensitive, acne prone skin.

Hey guys I'm about to purchase my first DE razor and I would like some help please. I have sensitive skin that is prone to acne, I'm truly lost on what brand of razor and blade I should be using. any advice?, I heard that feather is good for sensitive skin but not sure.

I'm about to order some Mitchell wool fat soap and a twizzerman badger brush.

Thanks in advanced.
I was looking at that razor but they are sold out at the englishshavingcompany. any other sites that sells them?
I'd recommend a Merkur HD in conjuction with a Red Personna blade. a Feather blade (the sharpest of them all) is not a wise idea for a new starter with sensitive skin.
Welcome to B&B. I'll second the Merkur HD for a razor, and get a good blade sample pack. With the sample pack you can try out different blades in order to find which one works best for you. :thumbup1:


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Welcome to B&B!

Making your own lather and using different product should help for you acne. However, you might need to cut some sugar intake to improve the situation. Using an Aftershave with Witch Hazel or Witch Hazel itself should help your skin!
You are getting great advice above. I would add that you need to consider products that do not dry the skin excessively. It may sound weird but when a person is acne prone, products that dry the skin out have a tendency of causing a "boomerang" effect where the skin generates more oil to compensate for the dryness. You should consider mild facial cleansers with a moisturizing agent as part of your pre-shave prep.

A lot of people here recommend Cetaphil. You should read the reviews and get a feel for some products that may help your skin type.
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