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Newbie checking in here

Hello I have first lurked here more than a few years ago when I first got interested in double edged razors and invested in an Edwin Jagger DE89 and various razor blades. I carried on wet shaving regularly since then until recently when I dropped my razor accidentally and the threaded post in one of the plates broke. I understand that can happen as the plate itself is cast zamak.

So I went looking for a replacement plate and was drawn back into the shaving forums and suddenly before I knew what happened, I have bought in quick succession a new razor and various different soaps and shaving creams and post shaving balm and pre shaving balm and different razor blades that I hadn't previously heard of! LOL

SInce this forum is one of the forums most responsible for my incipient RAD, it is only fair that i teturn the favour by inflicting my presence on these forums!!! LOL
Welcome. Lots of great razors available that are not zamak. Not that it’s not “ok”, but it is more fragile than others.
Personally I’m partial to the older Gillette’s.