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Newbie Check-In

Hey guys,
Have been a lurker on here for a little while and having recently been employed in the shaver business and gaining some knowledge in the field, decided to make the switch to DE for the greater good.

Acquired this setup today, Muhle R89 3 piece set with silver tip brush + some Derby Extras to start off with. Got some Proraso stuff which I am very keen to try out as well.
Tended to suffer from fairly bad irritation shaving with a mach 3 which I was doing for a little while and so I'm excited to see how this goes.

Prepping myself for first use tomorrow, will update if all goes well




Welcome aboard! As OP note above, reading through the wiki can provide a ton of useful information.
Welcome to the forum, @ZedAyeCee. There is lots to learn and lots of fun to be had here. Let us know how you are getting along, ask questions, and enjoy the journey! :001_smile
A warm welcome to you sir.

That's a purdy set you have there, Enjoy!

I'm big on the Proraso red products myself and have had mighty fine result with them.

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