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Newbie Check in

I just wanted to introduce myself. I am not "new" to DE shaving. My first shave back in '79 was with a DE Gillette. I now wish I would have taken that from my father at the time. Since then, I have been using the multi-blades and getting inferior shaves and neck rashes. I am tired of the high prices of the multi shavers:cursing: and am now going back to where I started.

I have just acquired three razors so far, two Gillette Knacks and one '64 Gillette Super Speed. I am awaiting my sample pack of blades to get back into it. Until then I am using my old Atra and practicing lathering up with Proraso and my Tweezerman Badger Brush.

I enjoy the reviews and appreciate the sharing your shaving experiences.

09/13/09,completed two shaves with my 68 Knack, used Gillette (red package) thin blades (still waiting on the sampler pack). A little blood letting on the neck but not a bad shave all in all. The second day was better and only one nick. I am very pleased and can't wait until I can use some better blades.
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Welcome to the best Forum on the net of ANY topic.
Good choice of gear you have. The Tweezerman is a fine brush for the price and is my regular travel brush.
Thanks. I just added two more Gillette travel razors to the collection. Looks like shaving is going to be more of a hobby than a chore!
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