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Newbie Check-In, eh? Well, that's me.


On the lookout for a purse
I've started this journey with DE shaving about three weeks ago and glad I did not quit. Rough at first.
Now, thanks to the plethora of great information here, I've definitely made progress.
I want to thank all the folks here for spending their time helping others, and providing great reviews and photos.
I've made many mistakes.
A. Rushing
B. Not prepping well
C. Not lathering well after each pass. (Duh)
D-Z. Will take too long. :eek2:

My main issue now is beard mapping. My entire neck has hairs growing every which way, its truly crazy.
I can do BBS on my cheeks now without major effort. Don't think under my nose will ever happen. Oh well.

Currently using a 1930s Gillette SC which I purchased off da bay for 15 quatloos. I have a few others too, but I made the huge mistake
of buying several razors and several types of blades. Got overwhelmed to say the least. Trying to use a wee bit of self control now.
Thanks for reading. Many excellent shaves to all. 👍
Welcome aboard!
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