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Blade Rotation Update:

Gillette 7 O'Clock Sharpedge: I just shaved with one of these for the first time and it was amazing! I have no idea how many shaves they'll last me, but the shave I just got was irritation free, BBS, and required very little effort on my part to get there.

Looking forward to using these again.
Gentleman who entered the PIF and haven't gotten your blades yet, I apologize.
I was going through the house hunting then subsequently the house closing process over the last month.
Now I'm trying to move.
I promise I haven't forgot about you and they will eventually get sent.
I haven't packed my shaving stuff yet, so there's a chance I'll get them out before I finish the move.
Again I'm sorry for the long delay.
Decided to try a wizamet super iridium tonight. Shave was ok. Not much irritation but not very close. My lather wasn’t so good. I’m going to write this one off and try again later.
2nd try with the wiz went much better. I will be using more soap or cream from now on. The save was very close..maybe too close. Got some razor burn afterwards but it was smooth shave. Keep trying
Shave 4 on wizamet. Normally I stop at 3 while testing but I like this blade. I got greedy and went for a 3rd pass. Too much for me. Should have listened to my gut. Overall a good blade.
An hour later less irritation than I thought. Not bad
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What a great idea! Many thanks to stoof2010.

I am new to wet shaving with a Gillette Super Speed (1957) that belonged to my grandfather (pictured below) and a restored Rubberset 153 on the way (pictured below) that I purchased the other day from another B&B member. I've also got an order of Arko shave soap coming next week and I was able to order a handful of blades to try that should be here soon as well. I've also got a few more blades coming from another B&B member to sample.

I thought about wet shaving about ten years ago when I first acquired the Gillette Super Speed but was a little overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort it looked like it would take to learn the techniques and get a DFS (I'm learning already). As a result, the razor stayed in a drawer and I continued with the Mach3. I retired at the end of 2019 and when I reached the last Mach3 cartridge the other day and looked at ordering more, I decided to instead take the plunge into wet shaving, now that I have more time to develop this "hobby".

So I haven't tried out any blades yet as I'm waiting for the brush, soap and first group of blades to arrive. I do have a very handsome mug (also pictured below) that was made by my brother, who is a ceramic artist here in Georgia, that I'll be using for lathering. Don't worry, I have another one for the mandatory coffee as well!

If I make the cut, here are a few from the list that I'd like to try out:

Personna Lab blue USA
Gillette platinum
Derby USTA (master)
Treet black beauty (carbon steel)
Polsilver super iridium

Thanks to all here on B&B, I've been reading up in the Wiki as well as many threads to learn the basics and look forward to becoming a practitioner of the art/science of wet shaving!

Gillette Super Speed 1957

Gillette Super Speed 1957.jpg

Restored Rubberset 153 by member MyOldKentuckyHome


Ceramic "shaving" mug from Bridgeman Studios

Tried a Gillette Wilkinson sword in my merkur 34. Not bad. I was expecting more irritation with 3 passes on my neck. I got greedy and payed for it. Aim for 2 next time. I’m really enjoying my new Stirling barber shop soap.
Shave 2 with Gillette Wilkinson sword went very well. DFS! Think we gots a keeper. I recently learned I have been using too much pressure. Once I adjusted, the sharp blades really started to shine. I will have to retry lots of blades. Let the fun begin!
I finally got around to trying a Super-Max Titanium.... easily one of my favorite blades. It lasted a solid 5 shaves, and they were all very close and comfortable. These are going on my good list.
I'm sorry to everyone who was expecting blades this next round.
Everything has gotten away from me and I've been doing 6 days 12 hour days and 8 on Sundays.
No time for anything
I'm going to have to stop the PIF and close it.
I don't want to keep anyone waiting.
My apologies and thanks to all who entered and I hope all those who I was able to get them to are enjoying trying them.
I know it's been a while, but I still have a couple of blades left to test. I've been having so much fun with other blades that I'm just now getting around to trying Lord Platinum. Much like my experience with Super-Max Titanium, these blades work really well for me. It lasted about 5 shaves and they were close and comfortable. Really great for a "budget" blade.

I still have two more blades to try: Derby Premium and Perma-sharp.
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