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Newbie Blade PIF ***closed***

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Hi, after a couple of immensely entertaining months here it is time to give something back.
So this is my first PIF - I‘m not sure if there are set rules but here we go:

# This EU only!
# I come back to this thread on Monday and choose 3 members for 3 times 5 tucks (s. Pic) and 2 suprise tucks (35 blades total) + some goodies :em2300:
# Just add „I‘m in“ and maybe a sentence about you and your wet shaving journey to date
# I’ll PM you for your adress and hope to ship it out by end of next week
# Questions? Just ask!

Have a great weekend
Tough crowd hmm :c1:
A gentleman in another PIF proposed to include a half eaten Cheeseburger, but I’m not yet ready to go so far...
Not open for further replies.
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