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Still prefer using the VB Chieftain Jr over the Winning razor (have a Yaqi DOC and a Rockwell 6C on the way). I'm really liking the VB Chieftain with a Voskhod blade and a single pass to help deter irritation. Today I used a new Astra SP and all I can say is WOW! Definitely as good as or better than the Voskhod for me. I went with two passes, both WTG and felt like I had a great shave! Still learning, but the #1 thing I've learned so far is to take your time and focus on shaving with zero pressure. Things are getting fun!
It's been a while since I've posted and I've gotten some skin care things straightened out. No matter the razor or blade I was using I kept getting red patches on my cheeks by the jaw line. They were small, itchy, flaky bumps so I did some internet research (if it's on the internet it must be true!). I was curious as to what the cause of my continued flare ups were and was about to give up on the DE shaving experiment because I had never had this when I used a 2 blade cart. Well, I was suspecting a fungal acne as everything I was reading lead me to believe that was the cause. I gave up any skin care products containing anything that would feed fungal acne and bought a bottle of Nizarol as I had read the ketoconazole helped kill fungal acne. Nizarol is 1% ketoconazole and what do you know... a week into using it my face started clearing up, but every time I shaved I'd have a flare up though they were getting more mild each time. I coincidentally had my yearly physical and asked my doctor about the issue. They prescribed me 2% ketoconazole cream and I've been using it for a day and a half and I'm 90% clear already! For anyone having "acne" issue that you can't get rid of, I'd recommend a consultation with your doctor, but I'd try Nizoral first. If it begins to work than you may have fungal acne. The prescription will nip it in the bud! I'll continue to update as time goes on, but it's looking good so far!
On another note... I acquired a Rockwell 6C and shaved with it today for the first time. I researched the blade gaps and felt that R4 may be a little too aggressive for me, but tried it anyway. Wow what a fantastic shave I had. The audible feedback was great and it was a very smooth shave. I've been using Astra SP blades for about 3 weeks now and really liked them in the Chieftain Jr. I was using and they are great in the Rockwell as well.
Jumped from the Rockwell 6C R4 plate to the R5 for my last two shaves and love it! I may have my “forever” razor, but who knows. I can tell you I’ve used 4 different razors and the Rockwell is far and away the best razor I’ve used. Not sure I even need to try another one but we know how that goes!!
Appreciate the recent welcomes. I now own 8 or so razors and I’ve only used 4 of them. Going to take the Fatboy for a ride in the morning and have yet to try the Gillette Old, Gillette Flare Tip, Gillette Slim. Tried my Gillette Tech but found it too mild. Will definitely give it another go though.
The Fatboy on 4 with a fresh Astra SP was pleasant! 63 years old and a piece of Americana. Will definitely use it for the rest of the week and dial in my technique with it.
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