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Newb to DE shaving and glad to be on the forum

Starting shaving again last year because my goatee was unevenly splotched with gray. Bummer, but it didn't look good so off it came. Back to cartridges, Gillette Fusion.

Got to the point a couple of months ago that I was sick of using those carts and the prices are ridiculous. So, started looking into DE and found this site. Been lurking a while when I found the Micro Touch One kit at CVS and thought it would be a way to get introduced to wet shaving. Went pretty well, but my technique needed some work. Had to travel for the last several weeks for work so lots of cartridge shaving. One night I was looking here and elsewhere trying to decide on a new razor and this arrived in the mail yesterday.

BOOM! Closest shave today that I've ever had in my life! My upper lip is BBS with just one WTG and one XTG. Went a little easier on the chin to be safe, but I could still go ATG and get great results. A couple of weepers and one nick, but all-in-all it was great and I'm looking forward to many enjoyable years of wet shaving.

Great forum here!
Welcome to B&B! Come and stay for a while...lots of kindred spirits here -- with good advice and support.

Looks like a nice kit!
Congrats on your choice - a favorite combination and my daily driver. You can look forward to many enjoyable shaves.
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