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Newb question

I'm fairly new to wetshaving, but have several vintage brush handles I'd love to have Rudy Vey refurb for me. Problem is I really have no idea what kind of knot or loft to ask for. Been using a Shea brush and an Omega boar only. Boar works great on soaps and the Shea better on creams.

Are there some general guidelines you can follow if you don't have experience with all types of brushes?
Really depends on what you want to do with your brush. A 24mm knot set to 48-50mm in a super badger is pretty well rounded and will handle both cream and soaps alike.
Have a go at refurbing it yourself.
I was reluctant to trying it myself since I am really really challenged when it comes to craft stuff, but after doing a couple, it comes to you.

Having said all that, there is no question but Rudy would do a superb job.

Do some reading to help you decide what kind of brush you are looking for, as to size, quality, etc.

I started with the recommended 22mm Best, bought my way up the ladder, selling some and now am at the stage where I love the 30mm monsters. :001_smile
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