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NewB looking for brush advice.

Hello Gents,
I am about 2 months into my wet shaving adventure / addiction, and am enjoying it immensely! I have gone slightly overboard with my shave soap purchases (loving Mama Bears stuff), and have been eyeballing some vintage DEs on Fleabay. One thing I would like to pursue before the razors is a decent quality Badger brush. I have a Parker Pure now that works adequately, but I believe there are much higher quality and more luxurious brushes out there in the $50-75 price range. Looking for Badger recommendations only, as I am working on breaking in a Semogue 830 now. So, please carry on Gents, lets hear 'em!
Definitely check the hobbyist section here. You can save a lot of $.

i've also found a half dozen vendors at etsy.com who make good looking brushes. I'm a noob as well and spent $84 on an Art of Shaving handmade badger brush, feel kinda ripped off now that I've researched the small and local vendors online.

The way I see it now is your first brush should be somewhat scritchy, to aid exfoliation initially, then relegated to be your travel brush once your complexion improvements slow/normalize and you desire an uber soft silver tip. It's like mowing down an overgrown hedge, then needing different snips to maintain it properly. Being 2 months into de shaving you are ahead of the game.
Check out whipped dog brushes. Larry makes some great silvertip brushes that perform well beyond the price.
Thanks for all of the great advice Gents! I will be checking out the Whipped Dog site to see what I can find.
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